Face Guide

Discover Your Perfect Shades with Rewrite's Face Guide! Finding sunglasses for your face shape is now effortless. Our comprehensive guide presents diverse face shapes with engaging descriptions, helping you identify your unique profile. Explore a curated selection of sunglasses designed to enhance your features seamlessly.

Virtual Try-On: Effortless Shopping at Your Fingertips!

Immerse yourself in a unique shopping experience with our cutting-edge Instagram virtual try-on filter. Follow these simple steps:

1. Follow us on Instagram: @shoprewrites
2. Swipe Right On Our Profile: Find the “Virtual Try-On” filter after the reels tab.
3. Try On Your Favorite Shades: Share the looks with your friends!

Please note that our virtual try-on filter is designed exclusively for use on the Instagram app on your mobile device and may not function on computer browsers.

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face chart, featuring oval, round, triangle and square face shape description and frame recommendations