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Welcome to Rewrites, where we embark on a transformative journey to redefine the way we approach fashion. Our mission goes beyond crafting products; it's about instilling a mindset that empowers you to embrace your boldest, most confident self, all while focusing on the importance of building a wardrobe based on longevity, transparency, and style.

Founded in 2023, Rewrites meticulously designs the quintessential wardrobe staples, ensuring a universal fit, timeless style, and unparalleled comfort. Our commitment to excellence extends to cutting-edge technology, epitomized by our TAC polarized lenses - a new lens technology formulated to provide the highest visual and polarization clarity, marrying quality materials with innovation.

Our pursuit to infuse confidence into the world of sunglasses is rooted in the personal and professional journey of our Canadian founder, Joyce Gereige. Drawing inspiration from her extensive 6+ years as a fashion stylist in the Middle East, Joyce has seamlessly translated her learnings from both challenging and rewarding paths into creating exceptional products. Fueled by experience and instinct, she curates the finest eyewear, marrying top-tier materials with cutting-edge technology. Each frame is designed not just as an accessory but as a comfortable investment in your everyday style.

Step into the world of Rewrites—a place where we're rewriting the rules of fashion, with our signature Unfazed style worn by influencers like Mona Kattan, Nikki Bella, Mona Vand and Hyla Nayeri.


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 Joyce Gereige Founder of Shop Rewrites Eyewear and Fashion Stylist

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